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You have probably already noticed that our website pages are a little different from most.

For example, in our testimonials pages we don't state, "Great Program!", "VP of Sales for major chemical company - Wish I'd come to your sooner!" Director of Marketing for major telecommunications company blah, blah, blah.

Instead, our testimonial pages list the actual names, titles, and company affiliations. We do this because were proud of our clients and proud of the results we have helped those clients achieve. And were also a bit sceptical to see quotes from nameless individuals. Were hoping you feel the same way.

We're also a bit cynical when we click to a web page saying "pricing" and then to read, "Call or email us for price information" .

Our prices are not only competitive but we think that dollar for dollar, they are among the lowest in the industry! And we are proud to list them!

Here they are:

The Complete In-House Training Program

The cost of the Corporate Program (with 6 to 8 participants) is only $3900 per program. That's not a typographical error. Its not $3900 per person! Its $3900 per program! Assuming you enroll 8 people in your program (8 is the maximum permitted), the per-person cost breaks down to just $488 per person!

Program Price : $ 3900

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Highly Effective One-To-One Training Program

The cost of the One-To-One Program, which is our program for high level individuals who do not wish to participate in a group program is $2500 per program. This program is completely tailored to the needs of the executive.

Program Price : $ 2500

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Large Group Program - Ideal Program For Large Meetings or Conventions

The Large Group Program is $2500 regardless of the amount of participants. The only restrictions for the size of the group will be determined by the size of the room that you select for the program.

Program Price : $ 2500

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