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Presentation DVD

Just Released - New Presentation Skills DVD

A Great LOW COST Alternative to Presentation / Public Speaking Training

What Is The Training Program?

Our new Presentation Skills Training DVD will teach you as you follow along with Joel Hochberger, president of Effective Presentations Inc. Joel has been a professional trainer and speaker for 30 years, and has trained over 25,000 people in presentation skills training workshops. His workshop participants have ranged from CEO's to recent college graduates interviewing for their first jobs.

Learn from Joel as you follow him in the training DVD as he conducts one of our "Mini-Programs" before a live audience. Included with the DVD is the same worksheet that you'll see Joel handing out to his audience.

You'll then be able to participate in the session and develop your own presentation just as the "live" participants are doing. The training is easy to follow and has proven effective for thousands of graduates.

The program will take you through a step-by-step process as Joel shows you how to organize and deliver an effective presentation. As you follow him developing a real presentation, you'll be developing your own presentation as well.

Best of all, you can pause and resume, replay the program again to refine your skills, and also share this effective training approach with others in your family, club or workplace.

What About Developing A Presentation?

For example, as Joel takes you through the step-by-step process, you'll hear him say:

"...Okay, that completes Step One. Let's go to Step 2. For Step 2, we'll need to write down a detailed description of our listeners. Watch me do mine, and then you can do yours. My listener is a man. He's 46 years old. He's been with his company for 12 years. Before that he...(etc)....

Now, you do the same thing on your worksheet. Go to the worksheet where it says, 'Step 2 -Listener' and write down everything you know about your listener. Be as detailed as you can because, remember, we're going to end up presenting this from The Listener's Point of View, so take your time as you complete Step 2."

At the end of the program, you'll have a real presentation in your hand in which the content is perfectly organized and you are well prepared to deliver!

What About Delivering the Presentation?

Could your presentation skills use improvement? You'll also see Joel discussing and demonstrating the presentation skills that you need to have.

You will see and hear him describe the two main keys to an effective presentation: organization and delivery. For example in teaching about effective delivery, you'll see and hear him discuss:

  • Speaking Pace
  • Eye Contact
  • Positive Use of Energy
  • Intonation
  • Monotone
  • Pausing
  • Controlling Nervousness
  • Use of Hands
  • Appearance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Visual Aids
  • Controlling Q & A sessions
  • ...and much more!

What Is The Real Value For You?

The Presentation Skills Training DVD is titled "Effective Presentations - Getting Others To Understand and Accept Your Ideas" and is about 87 minutes in length.

If this topic is important to you (and who wouldn't like to become better at presenting their ideas to others?!), and if you don't have the time or budget for a live seminar, then this presentation skills training DVD is right for you!

You can now purchase this proven effective course for only $99. Why wait?

Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to create and deliver presentations that are clear, concise, interesting, and persuasive.

Get Your Own Presentation Skills DVD For Only $99

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DVD, approximately 80 minutes.

Price - Only $99 USD



VideoTape, approximately 80 minutes.

Price - Only $99 USD


Video Tape

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The video presentation was exceptional. I never think I know it all, and you proved that in just under 5 minutes! Your video is now an invaluable tool added to our company library, and to our leadership development program. What a steal.

The first viewing is tomorrow to a group who have upcoming presentations to our executive staff. I'm sure they will find this as helpful as I have.

I'd be interested in other products and materials.

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