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One-To-One Training Programs

The Question

Who has the courage to say to the CEO, "As a businessman, you may be brilliant; but as a presenter, you are awful !"

The Answer

Joel Hochberger, President of Effective Presentations Inc., has said it dozens of times. He, of course, will add to the sentence, "Let's face it, you are terrible; but let's work on some things to find out how good you really can be. We'll work on the content (What do you say?) and the physical skills (How do you say it?)."

The Problem

Today's senior executives are becoming more and more visible. They are frequently called upon to address stockholders, financial analysts, sales representatives and many others.

With no training in Presentation Skills, the results can be boring, ineffective communication and unfortunately there is rarely a subordinate who will have the courage (or stupidity) to say anything other than "great job" when the "job" was not great at all. It's really unfortunate because most senior executives would really like to become better presenters.

The Solution

We can take the senior executives who are "horrible" presenters and make them "respectable." The ones who are already "respectable" can be made "good." The "good" presenters can be made "very good" and the "very good" presenters can be made "excellent".

The Process

The CEO Program is a confidential "one-to-one" half-day session that is completely tailored to the specific needs of the individual. It can include any of the following: delivering a written speech, organizing content, staff meetings, analyst meetings or any other communication situation.

The Investment

The investment for the program is $2,500.

The Benefits

Improved ability in communication situations results in an improved image of the senior executive and the organization. Instead of leaving a presentation saying, "Just another boring presentation," listeners will begin to say, "Wow! That person is really sharp!"

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