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Large Group Programs

Presentation Skills / Public Speaking Course

About the Program

The Large Group Program (We call it our “Mini-Program”) is a 60 to 90 minute presentation (Okay, so it's basically a speech) that discusses the do's and don'ts of effective presentations. The program covers both content ("What do you say?") and delivery skills ("How do you say it?").

The Process

It is an interactive session (so it's really more than just a speech) in which each attendee is given a worksheet and actually develops a "real world" presentation.
It is ideal for large meetings or conventions (25 to 500 attendees) and is designed to be fast-paced, informative and entertaining.

Topics Covered

The following topics are discussed and demonstrated: presenting a positive image, understanding your listener(s), organizing content from the listener's point of view, eliminating "overkill", controlling nervousness, eliminating monotone and boredom, effectively using visual aids, controlling questions & answers, and obtaining approval and action.

The Investment

The investment for the mini-program is $2,500.

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