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In-House Training Programs

The Process

Our In-House Training Program (We call it our “Corporate Program”) is highly participative with each attendee giving several types of "real world" presentations. Videotape and individual critique are used after each presentation. Positive aspects of each presentation are reinforced and options are given for turning negatives into positives.

Duration and number of participants

The length of the program is One Day and the number of participants in each program is 6 to 8.

Topics Covered

  • 1. Presenting a Positive Image
  • 2. Controlling Nervousness
  • 3. Understanding Your Listener
  • 4. Organizing Content
  • 5. Eliminating Monotone and Boredom
  • 6. Controlling Question and Answer Sessions
  • 7. Eliminating "Overkill"
  • 8. Effective Use of Visual Aids
  • 9. Obtaining Approval and Action

Who should Attend

  • 1. Financial Executives who present materials to others
  • 2. Account Representatives
  • 3. Sales Representatives
  • 4. Public Relations Specialists
  • 5. Instructors
  • 6. Any Subject Matter Experts who present to others

The Investment

The investment for the program (with 6 to 8 participants in each program) is $3900 per program. (Obviously this means that assuming you enroll 8 participants in your program, the cost breaks down to only $488 per person!)

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