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The NO-NONSENSE Guarantee

We have found that very few companies conducting presentation skills training actually guarantee their work. Those who do frequently offer "guarantees" that are just plain silly. Those "guarantees" will say, "If you are not satisfied with our presentation skills workshop, we will enroll you in another workshop free of charge."

If you're expecting our guarantee to be loaded with "asterisks" , "restrictions" or "fine print" - you've come to the wrong website.

Here is our simple, straightforward, no-nonsense guarantee:


The 100% NO-NONSENSE Guarantee

Upon completion of the program, each participant will be given an evaluation sheet containing two key questions:

1. Do you feel that your time in the program was well spent? ____Yes ____No

2. Would you recommend this workshop to others? ____ Yes _____No

If both questions are not answered "Yes!" by every participant in the workshop - then no invoice will be sent for the program.

That's right - if even one participant in a program does not feel that the time was well spent or would not recommend the workshop to others - then no invoice will be sent for the program!


(Note: This has never happened - and we've been in business since 1984!)